changing paradigms in the rapidly growing peptide therapeutics market


Mytide is opening its groundbreaking manufacturing platform to partners accelerating their R&D pipelines.

beta program 

Mytide is committed to providing peptides to serve a diverse array of applications. During our beta phase, we intend to work closely with partners to overcome challenges in synthesizing and purifying particular classes of peptides of interest, identify useful peptide modifications, and design and construct peptide libraries. We provide initial partners access to our cloud platform for immediate ordering, properties calculator, order tracking, and interactive data display with guaranteed purities of >90%, 3 mg quantities, and 5-day turnaround of peptides up to length 40 AA.



cloud platform

Our cloud based platform provides our partners with immediate quoting, property calculator, order tracking, and interactive data analysis suite. We provide an interactive UV chromatogram displaying purity along with the mass spectrum identifying the ordered peptide.


higher purity

Our proprietary peptide solid phase slug flow (SPSF) and disaggregation technology leveraging integrated manufacturing artificial intelligence enables a higher level of purity while operating faster than standard synthesizing practices.


faster delivery

Our intelligent platform produces desalted peptides at a purity of >90% within 1.5 hours, compared to the industry standard that takes a minimum 50 hours and normally spans weeks.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, biochemists and computer scientists who have created the first company to take a technologically advanced approach to solving long-standing challenges in both peptide synthesis and purification. Mytide’s fully automated peptide manufacturing technology, coupled with predictive analytics and machine learning, is challenging decades-old paradigms to enable cost-efficient research and development, therapeutic manufacturing, and discovery. Our aim is to accelerate the discovery and development of life-saving peptide therapeutics for serious illnesses ranging from metabolic conditions to cancer to inflammatory disorders to infectious diseases.



Making custom peptides faster and at a higher quality for researchers – and ultimately increasing accessibility to life-saving peptide treatments for generations to come.

Mytide’s fully automated peptide manufacturing platform removes the lead-time and purity bottlenecks that presently limit researchers accessibility to the biologically active molecules. Current large-scale peptide manufacturing techniques are ill suited to producing peptides necessary for custom peptide treatments. Mytide’s proprietary platform is specifically geared to custom peptide manufacturing for personalized care and treatments, bringing costs down for the patient and payer.


Our RAC4E platform creates high-purity peptides for data-rich screening to build computational models of complex biological systems.

Mytide is focused on overcoming longstanding problems preventing widespread utilization of peptides as therapeutics. To overcome these challenges, we have developed an innovative peptide manufacturing process called RAC4E standing for Rapid Automated Computation, Coupling, Cleavage, and Chromatography Execution platform. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but this unique and unparalleled technology for peptide manufacturing allows us to address a range of industry pain points by producing high-purity custom peptides 100x faster. Our MIT educated team built RAC4E around our proprietary solid phase slug flow (SPSF) coupling methodology which combines advanced microfluidic techniques and machine learning to introduce reagent “slugs” capable of fast high-quality coupling within the growing peptide. Our platform not only enables fast library generation for in vivo studies but the ability to scale target molecule for in vitro studies as well.

The RAC4E platform coupled with computational biology enables lead molecule identification and selection at unprecedented speeds. Our unequaled speed and precision opens the door to high-throughput screening and library generation, required for active iterative computational biology modeling.

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